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Voice of the Undead
"Who had thought, that we get a RTP game that shows so high quality at the same time?" - Ben
"I find the entry well made and crisp." - Braska Feuerseele
"This game is a good example for RTP-Games, that some people don't want to play because of the graphics. The story is exciting, the gameplay captivating. I can just recommend it." - relxi
"Who doesn't laugh when playing this game, must be (un)dead like the enemies." - TheVampire100
"Good to know that my padavan shares the love to the RTP. The project honors me, this is great for my mentor heart!" - Kestal


The game reached the second place in the TenWordsContest 2011 in the RPG-Atelier.
The review can read here(German). Voice of the Undead is, not as the title lets expect, not a serious game.
The game only reached the second place because of an half point difference.


Steve was captured. Who that is? Nobody knows. The reason is not that he's someone special, it's because the secret organisation aMtG is in shortage of manpower.
He has to fulfil a quest, nothing big. Just to stop a small unknown sect called "Voice of the Undead" because they plan "something mean".
Steve has the choice: Fulfil the quest or execution. Even thought the last one sounded alluring, he took the quest.
He's brought to the "Forest of Horror", where the main quarter of the sect should be.
But it's kinda wrong to call them a "campfire sect", as it can be seen later.

In the end Steve experiences a not so epic adventure about a quest that couldn't be more inaccurate.


Steve Steve

It's about life and death, at least for him. As replacement, he has to to fulfil a quest. He's nobody special.
But he isn't doing that bad.

aMtG aMtG

A strange organisation, allegedly for the good in the world. Maybe it's just the wrong first impression. Could be the fault of the outfit.

Zombietrolls Zombietrolls

Green, lazy and bored. Sometimes standing around for quite a while or doing things for their boss. Some are fed up with their boss, others are absolutely convinced of him.

Zombies Zombies

Haven't got much brain, even thought it's their favorite dish. They still get walking and biting to work somehow. Dying is hard for them because they're already dead.

Other Dudes Other Dudes

Steve will meet even more strange guys on his adventure. If they're good, bad or just skeleton, no one knows.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


I can't say much more. I was surpirsed about the ranking but then disappointed because it was so close. But the development of the game was fun and that is what it's all about.
I want to thank my beta testers TheVampire100 and Kestal. I'd have got much less points because of bugs and spelling errors without them.
I also want to thank my translation checker Bennehh, who has helped me alot with the english version of the game with his being English and his corrections.
There's also a wonderful Let's Play of the game (German).
Feedback is very wanted. Unlike for the german version, there's currently no english forum where you could leave a post for me. But you could just write an E-Mail to me, if you want.
Have fun. :)


The game is compatible with all desktop Windows variants 95 or newer.