Supported languages: German, English, Rioplatense Spanish

Benri and the Bandits is a short action-adventure game create for the RPG-Atelier's 10 Words Contest 2018, in which it reached the second place.

As the first of my projects, it runs on a custom engine and is available for many platforms.


Once upon a time, a long, long time ago... there was a story, which doesn't seem to be of much importance. Instead, the story time got interrupted by a certain king.
As it turns out, our King Wakefulness has had his crown stolen. How could it come to this? The thieves were very cunning.
So the majesty stumbled on the walls and let the crown fall down the castle. Without further ado, the robbers seized the well-planned opportunity and grabbed the crown.
Well, a king is only a half without his crown, which is why he is furious. The blackmail letter which appeared after a short time did not help either.
After careful consultation he finally sends Benri off to retrieve the crown.


Benri Benri

A ninja in the middle of the western medieval times. After he was abandoned by his old master, King Wakefulness took him in to serve him in the castle.
After some time he was finally sent on his first mission. He is supposed to retrieve the crown for the king.

King Wakefulness King Wakefulness

Ruler of the Kingdom of Vigilance. The castle crew considers the name pure fraud. Despite his self-righteousness, he took Benri in. The exact reasons remain a mystery.
He is the victim of a cruel robbery and blackmail.

Helgor Helgor

The king's right hand. His personal ambitions are only at second place. Often takes over strategic decisions, which are just passed on to him by His Majesty.

Evonag Evonag

One of the two bandits. His ambitions are unknown, but he seems to be mainly after the gold.
He is a good friend of Nisemono.

Nisemono Nisemono

The second part of the bandit-duo. Runs around in a pretty flashy outfit. As fighting is not his strength, he is responsible for the thinking instead. But he has no intention of betraying Evonag.

  • Sophisticated, modern engine with all the expected stuff, writte from scratch in C++
  • Amazing 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 8-way (360° via gamepad) controls with pixel-precise action battle system
  • Very authentic RTP-Graphics
  • Puzzling puzzle buildings
  • Multiplatform, play the game on your favorite platform
  • Multilingual, featuring almost real Spanish

*Requires that your favorite platform is one of the following: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, OpenPandora or a HTML5-supporting web browser


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Version 1.1 (21-02-2019)
  - Improved English translation
  - Rioplatense Spanish translation (almost real Spanish!)
  - Benri now does a short jump forward if he was moving before a sword attack
  - Benri is now able to swing the sword faster in succession when the primary key is pressed again before the sword is put away
  - Enemy's life points were adjusted a bit to fit these changes
  - A later enemy type now knows an additional attack
  - Touch controls are now also available on the desktop platforms
  - The scaling of the game's rendering can now also be adjusted on Android
  - Smaller bug fixes
Version 1.0 (14-08-2018)
  - Initial release

After 5 years, finally another game. And for another contest. And another second place. It was fun. Hope it's gonna be the same for everyone who plays it.
In times of endless waves of games for practically nothing I want to thank everyone who decided to play mine out of all of those.
Have fun!


The game requires a GPU supporting OpenGL 1.5 or OpenGLES 1.1 respectively, a CPU and some RAM. This generally isn't a problem unless you want to run it on really old laptops for example.

Windows 32-bit

XP and newer is supported. Does not write data outside its own directory.


Windows 64-bit

All 64-bit variants are supported. Does not write data outside its own directory.



macOS 10.6 and newer is supported. Writes settings and save games in "~/Library/Application Support/elvissteinjr/Benri".
It will be necessary to add an exception for the app to execute it (System Preferences -> Security & Privacy).


Linux 64-bit

This version is set up as generic Linux binary. Make sure to have write settings set in the extracted directory.
The sole dependencies are SDL2, SDL2_image and SDL2_mixer. Depending on the distribution, it may be necessary to install libmodplug separately. Kernel 2.6 or neuer is required.
Should your file manager detect the executable as shared library and stop you from running it, run instead.



Android 4.0.1 or newer. To install the APK, it's necessary to allow apps from unknown sources.
Physical input methods are recommended, but touch is also supported.



This version is hosted on the official OpenPandora repository. Tested on SuperZaxxon v1.76.



Requires a standards-compliant, current web browser with HTML5 and WebGL support.
Safari is not fully supported. This version has no support for touch input.
Save games and settings are stored in your browser's local storage.

Play in Browser

The versions for Windows are also fully compatible with Wine in case there are issues with the native versions.