Desktop+ is now available on Steam

01-01-2021 16:00

Desktop+ can now also be downloaded from Steam.
Its Steam store page is here.

Desktop+ 2.3 released

02-12-2020 00:35

Desktop+ 2.3 is now available.
It adds window capture support via Windows Graphics Capture and other minor improvements. See the GitHub release page for details.

Desktop+ 2.2 released

13-09-2020 23:00

Desktop+ 2.2 is now available. Let's ignore the lack of a 2.1 post for now.
It adds multi-overlay support and some other features. See the GitHub release page for details.

Desktop+ 2.0.1 released

16-04-2020 04:18

Desktop+ 2.0.1 is now available. This is mainly a bugfix release.
It fixes multi-GPU support and has some minor UI adjustments. See the GitHub release page for details.

Desktop+ 2.0 released

13-04-2020 01:34

It finally happened. Desktop+ 2.0 is out, along with its source code.
The new version comes with an UI to comfortably change settings in real-time in or outside VR, as well as a bunch of other new neat features.
The link in the side bar on the left now points to the GitHub repository. Saves me from maintaining a project page here, since I'm slow with that stuff.

Desktop+ released

21-09-2019 23:50

Getting weirdly active here, eh?
Desktop+, an alternative SteamVR desktop overlay, is now available. If Valve's not gonna do it, then I am.
This tool is not the first of its kind, but I think people deserve a free option to exist, even if it's not as fancy as some other paid ones. My main gripe with the default desktop overlay was the lack of smoothness and the latency, which I'd say have successfully addressed. Heck, I play osu! with Desktop+ just fine!

Anyways, that thing is now available. There are many things I'd love to add to it, but I'm not sure if I'll find time for it. This is version 1.0 for now.

Benri and the Bandits v1.1 released

21-02-2019 22:55

First, let's ignore the lack of v1.0 on this site.
Benri and the Bandits v1.1 adds a new language, gameplay mechanics and fixes some minor glitches. Starting with this version, there are also builds available for OpenPandora and HTML5-supporting web browsers.
Pretty late, but better than never. now is

13-10-2016 00:12

The old domain was canceled after multiple price increases by the provider. A .net domain is kind of more fitting with the international focus of the site anyways.
Nothing's gonna change apart from that. The site will remain just a place to dump my projects. There won't be any more maintenance to it than before.

Audieremony 1.6a released

29-09-2016 18:53

With new versions you also take a look over everything old.
This version fixes some non-crititcal bugs and a rare race-condition on music playback on some systems, which resulted in 0% volume. Big thanks there to MagicMaker, who tested not few intermediate versions to find the source of the problem.

Audieremony 1.6 released

27-09-2016 00:34

Through MagicMaker's interest I did some work on Audieremony again after some years.
New featuers include Ogg tag-loop support, Harmony volume level compatibility, Optional muting when losing focus, working "Played BGM once" check on &noloop& tracks, silent errors and a fix of a regression from version 1.5b.

Website Redesign

15-04-2014 22:40

To practice, my good buddy Bennehh has given this place a more modern look.
Looks quite nice, doesn't it?

Voice of the Undead 2 Game of the Month October 2013

17-10-2013 23:49

Voice of the Undead 2 was voted as Game of the Month for October 2013 in the RPG-Atelier!
Many, many thanks to everyone who has voted for VotU2.

Voice of the Undead 2 released

24-08-2013 20:30

The RTP-Contest 2013 of the RPG-Atelier has finally ended and now Voice of the Undead 2 is ready to be downloaded... almost.
An English translation will be made at some point, no worries.

Audieremony 1.5d released

24-03-2013 17:00

A nice guy called Helsionium reported a bug to me that caused the setting of the music position not to work.
Version 1.5c fixes that.

Audieremony 1.5c released

07-03-2013 22:45

After I missed it to write a news the few last releases, I'll just do it this time.

Version 1.5c fixes a bug that can occur with music files with loud beginning.
There's also the HarmonyPatcherGUI by Derula bundled in the archive. This should make the usage with the RM2k3 easier.

So it's up?

25-07-2012 00:35

Seems like I managed to get this thing up. I like how I nearly waited a year to do this for some reason.
The content hasn't changed in any way since then...