Supported languages: English
What is Deskop+?

Desktop+ is an alternative desktop overlay for SteamVR. It provides smooth, low latency desktop mirroring in VR.
It focuses on being a no-frills dashboard overlay, while still providing plenty of customization.
Basically, it's close to what the default desktop overlay should've been.


Desktop+ provides a single SteamVR dashboard overlay, with currently no additional UI.
Compared to the default desktop overlay it also has...

  • Smooth, low latency mirroring
  • Single or combined desktop mirroring
  • Mouse double-click assistant freeze
  • Option to hide Steam's desktop dashboard tab
  • Actually working backspace on virtual keyboard
  • Rebindable extra buttons for virtual keyboard, key/string input or launching applications
  • Option to match size and position of Steam's desktop overlay (for compatibility with OpenVR-AdvancedSettings' desktop tab)
  • Output cropping
  • High configurability
  • Low memory footprint and is completely idle when overlay not active
  • All of this for the low price of free!
Version 1.0 (2019-09-22)
        - Initial release

Windows 8 or newer is supported (64-bit only).
There are unfortunately issues running Desktop+ on laptops with hybrid GPU solutions currently.
The download contains a readme.txt which explains the usage and customization in detail.
Feedback and complaints are best posted on the threads in the respective VR subreddits, though I'll probably react on any channel you can find me on.